Prepped & Ready | Ultimate Prepper Checklists, Resources, & More Collection

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Well, that's not good!

Are you confident about your family's ability to survive a crisis? Will you rely on government "charity" during a natural disaster?

What about your pets?

Could you make it through an extended time without electricity?

After what we just went through with the pandemic, we should take emergency preparedness seriously!

I scoured the internet to find Prepper Checklists and they exist, a plethora, yet still they failed to cover everything I was looking for. So, I made my own & offer this collection in the form of a PDF + the link to the Canva Template so you can easily edit these resources to fit your personalized needs.

This collection focuses on items that can be used in case of a no-power situation.

All those Ultimate Prepper Checklists you've found online before? This is all of them + more.

All resources are linked to their respective websites, so you don't have to go searching online trying to find what you need.

This also includes a list of Bible verses to keep your head & heart on the Lord in troubling times. Fear is a sin, y'all! Don't wallow in fear. The good Lord gave us plenty of warnings & time to prepare as He leads.

If that's not where your faith is, feel free to leave that page where it is.

You can print what you want & leave the rest.

Here are some examples of what you'll find inside:

No need to be scared when you're prepared!

This is not a physical product. This is a digital download.

I want this!

A 60 page PDF download that shows all content so you can organize your information, prepare what you want to change & make note of the pages you'll be printing + the link to the Canva Template so you can edit and personalize each page & print what you need, when you need it. This is not a physical product; this is a digital download.

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Prepped & Ready | Ultimate Prepper Checklists, Resources, & More Collection

0 ratings
I want this!